Mysterious Murder Masquerade

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 Mysterious Murder Masquerade Ball


It is Oct 1935; Cruella and Scarletta Slink known for their extravagant parties are throwing the Halloween event of the Year.


The socially prominent guests who will be attending the Masquerade ball  are busily preparing their extravagant costumes for an unforgettable night of mingling, martinis…, and “murder”. Everyone, who is anyone, is on the guest list and those who are not ….are pretending to “have other plans”.


Guests will enjoy dancing and enjoying the sounds of the  Swing Band….No party would be complete without an appearance by the world-renowned Opera singer, “Mario Lungsa”. We just hope he does not bring his dreadful “friend” “Booze-O”. As a professional clown, Booze-0 is on every parent’s list of must have entertainers for their children’s parties. Although much loved by the children, this “clown” has stuck his red nose in the wrong place one to many times. 


We invite you to “try” to solve one of the most fascinating crimes in Detroit's history. A rare and valuable diamond necklace will be stolen from the “swan like” neck of one of the socially prominent guests attending the Masquerade Ball.   If this is not bad enough, the plot thickens when one of the suspects is murdered. 


  Whodunit? Where is the necklace hidden?  Who will die? Who did it?  How will this brazen crime be committed? What is the motive?    Join our cast of suspicious characters for a night of masquerade mystery, martinis, and murder!








FREDRICO FENCINI                                                          Played by: Rick Katon

Fredrico Fencini, the very-connected Meadow Brook Mansion manager, is always willing to donate the use of his ballrooms to any charitable function, as long as the "right" people attend.  The "right" people, in Fencini's book, are those with impeccable taste...in jewelry, that is, and are proud to wear it.  "If you've got it, flaunt it," has always been his motto.  And his girlfriends do flaunt the "few bobbles my great grandmamma left me," he explains to any wondering admirer. But some of those fine pieces look well beyond the means of a poor Italian peasant girl form the "Old Country."




DELILAH DELIGHT                                                                        Played by: Roz Amour

Beautiful, young, French and definitely delightful Delilah Delight has catapulted beyond her wildest dreams. She has hooked one of the richest sugar daddies in Detroit...if only she could relax and enjoy it.  Though she lives in the lap of luxury, dresses in the finest, and eats only at the best restaurants, Delilah is cash poor.  All the jewelry and dresses she wears belong to Fredrico, and he has a roving eye.  And she certainly has no intention of ending up like his ex, Moll Landers.


MONA PARROT                                                        Played by:  Rachel Wisley

Mona Parrot is the society columnist for the Detroit Star, a newspaper held in high regard by anyone who is anyone. And Mona is certainly that! A member of high society herself, she knows more about your grandmother than you do and any other skeletons which might be hiding in your closet.  There are a lot of people who would love to get something on her, but so far the only dirt that's turned up is in her garden, where she spends most of her spare time.  There is one item, though, the sudden disappearance of her husband last year.  People tried to make a scandal of his leaving her, but she just made a big joke of it.  "Finders keepers," she laughed, "and I'm not looking!"  Still, those peonies in her garden have never looked so good.  I wonder...


DETECTIVE GREASE Z. PALMER                     Played by:     Rob Chrenko

Detective Grease Z. Palmer is a tight-lipped member of Detroit's finest.  A man of few words and fewer friends, he has been known to look the other way when members of high society want to have their fun.  So, if you want to keep the champagne flowing and your guests happy and free from any surprise interruptions, slide Detective Palmer on your special invitation list...somewhere between the "socially desirable" and the "must haves".  But be prepared!  Detective Grease Z. Palmer's honored presence comes with a hefty price tag.  That's the price of champagne, these days


Booze-O                                                               Played by:  Rick Sherman

Booze-O the Clown by day, the drunk by night.   The must have entertainer for the society small fry set. Booze-0 is on the list of every birthday party in town and the hero of every child.  When the sun sets so does the costume. The red nose that he wears is not much different from the real nose underneath. Booze-O will do anything to keep his martini glass full.  It is said, that at one-time, just like Mario, was a rising star. His passion was Opera but traveled with the Harry James Orchestra until he was replaced by some un-known skinny, no talent crooner named Frank Sinatra. We do not know if drinking ruined his voice, or losing his voice caused him to drink. He is seen at most parties hanging out by the punch bowl.   It is not unlike him to bring along his balloons to wow the ladies during cocktail hour. Although he is Mario Lunge’s  live-in partner, he still seems to have a wandering eye (and hand) for the women. Watch his hands when he's twisting those balloons...


Detective Dumbo                                                     Played by:  Parker Sherman

No crimes too big, no crimes too small.   When Detective Dumbo is on the case ….. It’s no problem at all…. reads  the ad line underneath Detective Dumbo’s calling card and it is  also printed on his  office door located in Downtown  Rochester.   The twin Brother of Booze-O and retired for the Detroit Police force…. This well trained, well educated, officer is always above board. However, he sometimes seems so dumb you wonder how he ever got his first job. The slogan should be….  “The first sign of trouble the first call is to Dumbo”... If he does not fumble… the suspect will crumble…Then second call is usually to the Morgue. 


SCARLETTA SLINK                                          Played by:  Wendy Sherman

Scarletta Slink is the younger sister of Cruella Slink, a fact she delights in reminding her eldest sister and friends.  Most of her charity work is done on a more personal level, but her beneficiaries are no less grateful.  She is also hosting this charity ball and certainly deserves as much credit as her sister for its success.  The many times she worked well past midnight for this cause can certainly be substantiated by many.  Especially her young and very dashing male assistant.  "I couldn't have done it without him" she gushed to society columnist, Mona Parrot.  And she, of course, has shown her gratitude with some very generous gifts.


CRUELLA SLINK                                Played by:  Kathy Krajewski

 Cruella Slink is the eldest of the Slink sisters and is one of the hostesses of this charity ball.  The Slink's family tree is old and has always been very prosperous, with the exception of Jeremiah Slink, the first family member to arrive in the New World.  As any history buff knows, most of the newcomers to this great land were comdemned criminals, and Jeremiah was no exception.  However, this fact is rarely mentioned in high society as the Slink sisters, especially Cruella, have done so much for the community and their pet charities.  The ugly rumor that Cruella has been dipping into the petty cash funds of the half dozen charities she serves can only have been started by a jealous socialite with no breeding.  Still, there is that bad blood in her line.  You don't suppose she could be a throwback, do you?




"CUTIE BOY" LLOYD                                                 Played By John Macca

"Cutie Boy" Lloyd face of an angel, heart of a cad! Cutie boy pulled himself up by his bootstraps from a miserable existence on a dirt farm in Kansas. That's why he's as mean and ruthless as they come...which is an asset in his line of work. Why, he's so mean he'd walk right in front of a platoon of mounted policemen, four bottles of gin strapped to his calves and one in his belly, just to kick a dead horse and any dogs that were sniffing it.  Maybe that's why people don't argue much when he brings them four cases of rum instead of the five they paid for.  The one person he's never crossed, though, is Fredrico Fencini.  He has a sort of hypnotic effect on "Cutie Boy"...like a snake charmer.



MOLL LANDERS                                   Played by:  Heidi Hedquist

 Moll Landers is the recently-jilted girlfriend of Fredrico Fencini, and she is plenty mad!  Not only has she been dumped for someone younger and prettier, Fredrico was her only source of income.  But Moll is a tough cookie.  Growing up on the "wrong side of the tracks" in Chicago was no picnic, but it did give her quite an education in all kinds of lucrative businesses.  Her dress may be a little tattered now, but what Moll knows about Fredrico and his "business" will dress her in silk...soon.



MARIO LUNGSA                                                        Played by:   Mike Malec

Mario LUNGSA was born in Paris and is a budding opera singer and the "toast of the town". He came to America as a young lad on board the Titanic. It is rumored that he may have survived by dressing as a woman to secure a seat in a lifeboat.  Mario made his singing debut at the Meadow Brook Ballroom at the first party in 1929  and has remained a loyal friend of Fredrico Fencini ever since. Recently, although still in the closet, Mario’s constant companion these days is Booze-O the Clown, much to the dismay of his society friends. Some people have noticed that Booze-O and Mario seem oddly restrained and polite in each other's company, not at all like the old days when they were always smiling.

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