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Offer something different to your clients or customers. A suspenseful night of interactive dinner theater filled with humor, mystery, and live entertainment.

The Cast from Burying The Baron

Grieving friends,

Ungrateful relatives


The morbidly curious

Are invited to

"Burying the Baron"

A hilarious evening of....

Mingling, Martinis and a Murder!


Death Notice - It is with great sadness that we must report the tragic death of World War II hero Hansvinger (Hans) von Schnitzelburg. His Grace was found dead in his home yesterday morning. Cause of death is yet to be determined. The Baron was 99 when he died unexpectedly from what everyone believes to be natural causes.


 The Baron will lie in state at his home in Rochester, Michigan where close friends and relatives may attend a private one-day viewing. The family plans to cremate the Baron’s body and spread his ashes on the grounds of von Schnizelburgh castle in Germany. All memorial donations should be made to the Baron’s favorite charity the Society for the Preservation of Elderly Patriarchs.  

The Titanic Cast


 “Last Night on the Titanic”... The dinner, taken from one of two menus salvaged from the wreckage of the great Titanic, will include the same eleven-course meal served to the first-class passengers on what proved to be the last dinner on the Titanic before hitting an iceberg on April 14, 1912. Passengers will step back in time and experience the grandeur and ambiance of the “gilded age” while we transform your banquet room to resemble the first-class dinning room of the Titanic’s maiden voyage. We bring in our professional actors to play Molly Brown, John Jacob Astor, the Countess, and many others from the ship’s romantic history. Authentic music of the era for dancing and the guest’s enjoyment are part of the package. As the evening progresses, there will be warning signs of icebergs in the area. Many thrills and surprises are planned, as history cannot be changed. The collision with the iceberg will take place, and guests will be there to experience the intrigue. Package includes props, costumes, music, and actors. Other packages are available that include program production,



Jewel Heist at the Stardust Ballroom:   We invite you to solve one of the most dazzling crimes in the history of the Stardust Ballroom. The dazzling “Starburst Diamond Pendant” will be cleverly removed from the neck of one of the socially prominent guests attending the charity ball. Who is the thief? How will this brazen crime be committed? Where is it hidden? Join our cast of twelve, suspicious characters for a night of dancing and mystery. This event can easily be made into a fundraising event for non-profit organizations. Prices are based on services. Packages include actors, costumes, props, script, band, and A/V equipment. Other packages are available that include program production, invitations and publicity.


The Houdini Halloween

Theatrical Sťance


Halloween 1926... World-renowned magician Harry Houdini died unexpectedly in Detroit, Michigan, shocking his fans around the world.   His last performance was held at the Garrick Theater in Detroit.  When the final curtain fell, he collapsed and was rushed to Detroit's Grace Hospital and diagnosed with a ruptured appendix.



Every Halloween the traditional sťances have been held on the anniversary of his death. No contact with the Great Houdini has ever been made; Things may change.  Exactly eighty years later, the best Houdini Sťance will soon be held at the actual funeral home in Detroit Michigan where he was embalmed . . . Are you brave enough to attend?



Click here for information on this year's Houdini Seance


Have "The Re-trial of Lizzie Borden" at your next company team-building meeting!

The Re-trial of Lizzie Borden:  Who killed Lizzie Borden’s parents? On a hot August morning in 1892, the Borden house was locked. The maid was outside washing windows. Emma Borden, Lizzie’s sister was out visiting friends. Lizzie was the only one in the house. Yet, when both her parents were found hacked to death… Lizzie was found “not guilty”. You will enjoy a night of mystery and laughter as our attorneys, who are also stand-up comedians, call our cast members up to the witness stand. The re-trial, complete with a twelve-member jury which is randomly selected from the dinner guests that night, along with a judge and two actual attorneys. While using audience participation throughout the evening, guests will determine if Lizzie is still “not guilty”. Package includes props, costumes, music, and actors. Other packages are available that include program production, invitations and publicity.


Murder at the Sands... It is 1960, the Rat Pack is performing on stage at the Sands in Vegas. Guests are getting lucky at the casino, drinking martinis and enjoying the songs of the era. It is rumored that some notorious members of the Las Vegas mob are in the audience. Suddenly there is a scream, someone is murdered. As Detective Snoops take the microphone from Deano and Frank… all guests are told they cannot leave until the crime is solved. Packages include casino equipment, Dean and Frank impersonators, music and sound equipment and a cast of very suspicious members of the mob …and their Goomahs!


Dean Martini Nights. – Drink the coolest martinis; savor a cigar and join our Deano and his “Pallies” as he welcomes his celebrity friends. You never know who will show up behind the door. A night of martini’s, music and much more!  Perfect package for clubs, bars and restaurants who want to increase traffic and sales on their slow nights.


A Night with the Stars: Return to the “golden age” of Hollywood. We will roll out the red carpet as your clients arrive. Guests will be greeted by our “Joan Rivers” impersonator by cheering fans and popping flashbulbs. Other professional actor impersonators such as “Marilyn”, “Dean” and Frank” will be on hand to greet the guests and pose for souvenir photographs. The evening will also include dancing and period music. Perhaps a murder will happen or a valuable piece of jewelry will be stolen from one of the stars, and your guests must help solve the crime. Most packages include: Paparazzi, photographer, live video feed, with A/V, Joan Rivers impersonator, two to three celebrity impersonators and invitations. Rent or purchase: props, decorations, centerpieces. We offer live entertainment, fundraising ideas and press release, if needed.

Detective Greasy Palmer


A Mysterious Murder Masquerade Ball


It is Oct 1935; Cruella and Scarletta Slink known for their extravagant parties are throwing the Halloween event of the Year.


The socially prominent guests who will be attending the Masquerade ball at Meadow Brook Hall are busily preparing their extravagant costumes for an unforgettable night of mingling, martinis…, and “murder”. Everyone, who is anyone, is on the guest list and those who are not ….are pretending to “have other plans”.


Guests will enjoy dancing and enjoying the sounds of the Music Messenger’s Swing Band….No party would be complete without an appearance by the world-renowned Opera singer, “Mario Lungsa”. We just hope he does not bring his dreadful “friend” “Booze-O”. As a professional clown, Booze-0 is on every parent’s list of must have entertainers for their children’s parties. Although much loved by the children, this “clown” has stuck his red nose in the wrong place one to many times. 


We invite you to “try” to solve one of the most fascinating crimes in the history of the Meadow Brook Ballroom. A rare and valuable diamond necklace will be stolen from the “swan like” neck of one of the socially prominent guests attending the Masquerade Ball.   If this is not bad enough, the plot thickens when one of the suspects is murdered. 


  Whodunit? Where is the necklace hidden?  Who will die? Who did it?  How will this brazen crime be committed? What is the motive?    Join our cast of suspicious characters for a night of masquerade mystery, martinis, and murder!




Other Packages available for:

Phantom of the Op'ry, - Interactive Dinner Theater Program: An evening filled with live opera, music, fine food, fine wine, mystery, and laughter.

Up-coming shows

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Houdini Halloween Seance

Mysterious Murder Masquerade


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