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Now for all you "kats" it's time to shake up a martini, light up a good cigar and get ready for some real entertainment.  If you close your eyes, you will think you stepped back into a time when the guys were pals, the women were "broads" and the music was  r e a l  cool!    Listen to Steve sing Dean's favorite hits as we present our "Dean Martini Nights" a tribute to Dean Martin and friends.  This is a wonderful Las Vegas-style variety show that will keep guests entertained all night long.  The show can be with just Dean, Dean & Frank, or an entire variety show with other surprising celebrity impersonator guests.

Martini Glass, Filling


Featuring Steve as Dean


Steve does an incredible portrayal of Dean in his mannerisms and especially when he belts out a favorite such as “That’s Amore”.  He plays off the crowd with the same charm and  humor as Dean, and when performing with his pal; Frank, the audience feels like they are back at the Sands during the Rat Pack and Las Vegas hey day.


Tom may not look like "Frank" in this photo, but when he starts to sing such favorites as "Fly me to the Moon" or "New York New York" you will think it is "old blue eyes "himself!




Tom as "Frank" .... add our big band and you've got an unforgetable show!


Wait until you hear "Marilyn" sing "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", or "Happy Birthday..... Mr........" to one of the guests.....  you won't believe your ears!

Magnifying glass

Live from New York ......

We can bring in the "Pack" for a night of  retro fun that you and your guests will never forget.
Any one of our "Packs" will pack your house!

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