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The Last Night on the Titanic benefit
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On, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2003, 100 guests dressed in Victorian attire, enjoyed a dinner theater production at the Holly Hotel for the “Last Night on the Titanic”. The dinner,  taken from one of two menus salvaged from the wreckage of the great Titanic, included the same eleven-course meal served to the first-class passengers on what proved to be the last dinner on the Titanic before she hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912. Boarding for passengers who purchased tickets included a pass to the artifact exhibit donated by the Detroit Science Center for “the last day” the exhibit was open.


Passengers went back in time and experienced the grandeur and ambiance of the gilded age at the lovely historical Holly Hotel. The authentic music of the era for the guest’s enjoyment was provided by the Music Messengers string quartet. In addition to the eleven-course dinner, each course was accompanied by the appropriate wine. The guest list included some of Detroit and Oakland County’s dignitaries. There were a several notable VIP’s, including Molly Brown and John Jacob Astor to name a few who were seated among the unsuspecting diners. As the evening progressed, there were warning signs of icebergs in the area. There were many thrills and surprises as history cannot be changed. The collision with the iceberg did take place and guests were there to experience the intrigue.


The Last Night on the Titanic” was an elegant evening to benefit Independent Opportunities of Michigan. In addition to ticket sales, funds were raised for the charity by purchase of special “Titanic Martinis". Guests who purchased a “Survivor’s Pass” were guaranteed a seat in a lifeboat and able to participate in a jewelry raffle. One lucky passenger went home with “The Opal of the Ocean" created and donated by Yanke Designs of Franklin. This treasure has a retail value of $1000.00


Ruth Becker played by Laura Anderson
Ruth waits to board among all the passenger luggage

Welcome Aboard!!!
The expert "crew" of the Holly Hotel welcomes the guests

Last meal served to the first-class on the Titanic
...was prepared and served by staff of the Holly Hotel

Serving the first course.....
Oysters on the half shell.

The Countess and Molly Brown entertain the guests
Mary Jeva as the Countess, Lynn Anderson as Molly


John Jacob Astor and his wife, Madeline. 


John Jacob Astor, the richest man on the Titanic was played by Eric Harthan from WOMC radio, formally the voice on “Mojo in the Morning" on Channel 95.5 radio.  Playing Madeline Astor is Tina Barg.

The Gentlemen's Room, for the men folk ...
Serving only the best brandy and cigars

Displayed among the brandy and cigars was.....
a copy of one of the actual, salvaged menus

When not shooting shots at the bar ....
Molly Brown could be seen playing poker with the men.


Two "naughty ladies" caught in the "Gentlemen's Room".

The one of a kind "Opal of the Ocean" pendant created especially for this evening by Yanke Designs custom jewelers of Franklin.

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The "Opal of the Ocean" was worn by Mrs. Astor
To win this piece, the guests purchased a "Survior's Pass".



The unsinkable and incredible Molly Brown was played  by Lynn Anderson.  Lynn, a professional actress who played Molly Brown at the Detroit Science Center's artifact exhibit, captured the "brass Molly" to a tee!


At the end of the night... the Music Messengers played one last song, "Nearer my God to thee".  The room was completely silent; some of the guests had tears in their eyes as we all remembered what really happened that night and how the band played bravely on even as the great ship went down.  We will never forget the "Last Night on the Titanic".... it truly was a night to remember.

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The Orchestra playing "Nearer my God to thee",,,,
The room was completely silent, as the guests remembered that night.

All costumes provided by Suttons Costumes
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